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Your Internet & email security data feed experts

MXTools is a global leader in providing IP and Domain Reputation Data along with anti-abuse solutions to network operators across a wide range of markets in order to assist with keeping networks secure, users safe and operating costs low.

MXTools has a Platinum Level certification from Spamhaus Technology Ltd which designates MXTools as their most important and active partner. We started to work with Spamhaus in 2006 and our dedicated Sales & Support team is widely recognized as one of the best in the business. We service over 1500 clients on all 5 continents, assisting them to get rid of spam, keep their networks secure, their users safe and their operating costs low.

MXtools features

IP Block:

Leverage the Spamhaus Blocks between 90%~95% of spam. The block list will instantly eliminate spam, improve Email performance & lower your bandwidth & storage costs

Domain Block:

Updated every minute, the Spamhaus Domain Block List (DBL), contains information on hundreds of thousands of highly suspicious or outright malicious domains. Any Email server software capable of scanning message body contents for URIs can use the DBL to identify, classify or reject spam containing DBL-listed domains.

Usage Scenarios

  1. Detect and quarantine suspect email messages.
  2. Monitor networks for infected machines.
  3. Prevent infected hosts from communicating stolen data to a botnet dropzone.
  4. Protect against infections by malware.

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MXTools products

IP Block List:

50 billion spam messages will be sent each day! Spamhaus will block 95% of them at connect time, without accepting any data.
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Domain Block List:

5 million new suspect URLs are discovered each month. Cybercrime gangs routinely create tens of thousands of new domains each day to be used in phishing Emails.
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Who can benefit

Email Service Providers

Eliminate fraudulent sign-ups and account hijacks on your system. These two factors are the leading cause of blacklistings and poor deliverability.

OEM Email Security

Improve your performance and spam catch rates. Up dated every 5 seconds, blocks up to 95% of all infected messages purely on IP connection data.

ISPs/ Web Hosters/ Telecos

Protect your network, protect your customers, protect your reputation. Our trusted IP and Domain Data Feeds keep your infrastructure & systems safe and reduce help desk calls.