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Take control of your Email Security

Vade Secure is the leading company in the protection against phishing, spearphishing, malware, and ransomware.

Its service is based on a heuristic filter technology that analyses individually the emails in their entirety to detect all the threats, even very targeted zero-day attacks.

Vade Secure solutions are used by the largest ISPs, OEMs and Enterprises in all sectors.

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Upgrade your e-mail security system to the next level


Analyzes and scans all attachments for malicious code, regardless of what their extension may be.
Layered approach: standard fingerprint analysis, technical analysis, and behavioral analysis.
Combined with 2 external antivirus scans is the most effective email malware defense that modern organizations can ask for.

Anti-Phishing & Anti-Spear Phishing:

Domain verification confirms the authenticity of the sender’s domain.
The personal data warning system leverages Vade Secure’s AI technology that creates warnings with a special banner when it detects sensitive data requests.
All links and attachments are individually quarantined and examined to ensure that they are safe.

Anti-Spam & Mail Management:

Vade Secure’s filtering engine classifies each and every message in different categories—commercial emails, newsletters, social network notifications, viruses, spam, and legitimate email. This greatly simplifies the inbox for users.
Vade Secure detects and classifies 100% of non-priority emails.

Safe unsubscribe:

Safe Unsubscribe allows users to unsubscribe from all unwanted graymail in one click.
Vade Secure's service supports all unsubscribe methods, including email, direct web pages and web pages with forms.

Vade Secure products

Cloud service:

A hosted service on our servers. Free trial


A virtual appliance on your existing server.


A plugin for corporate Gmail. Free trial

Office 365:

Bring Vade Secure to Office 365. Free trial


Fully integrated plugin for Zimbra. Guide


Our email security systems are accessible to your applications via our clearly documented APIs. Contact